We are good at I.T.

At Benris, we provide integrated IT solutions and services to organisations in Kenya and across the East Africa region. Bringing together the best technologies, skills and expertise, we help Clients to optimise efficiency and maximise returns on technology investment.
We deliver cost effective IT solutions to Private, Public Sector, Businesses as well as Non-profit Organizations in Kenya and beyond.

Our goal is to enable our clients to enhance operational efficiency, spur innovation, cut operating costs, and mitigate risks. We design, develop, and support business applications using the latest technology and standards.
With our state-of-art technology assets, stellar team, and strategic partnership with industry leaders, we are fully equipped to handle your IT infrastructure and communication needs.

CCTV - Surveillance

Effective CCTV surveillance systems deter theft and, of course, vandalism. Reducing liability risk further lowers your insurance premiums! We support organisations to meet their business continuity requirements and as well as meet their compliance regulations. The insights picked from remotely managed systems of our CCTV security cameras, in addition, to addressing security needs also provide the insights and intelligence the management requires in improving productivity, customer service, efficiency and discipline in an organisation.
Our cctv surveillance systems solution consists of NVRs, HVRs and DVRs, analog cameras, IP cameras, centralised management software, mobile viewer, web client, and accessories. These high performance products are reliable, rich in features, flexible and easy to use. The entire CCTV camera solution is specifically engineered for organisations that demand industry-grade and robust solutions.

Access Control & Security

Access control is a security system which enables you to permit or prevent access to specified areas at your facility. Whether using a card reader, keypad, or biometric device, access control is an effective method of securing your building.
We are a leading integrator of access control systems that electronically regulate entryways and exit points, with systems designed to be versatile, flexible and scalable to suit the needs of our clients. Our team is dedicated to designing and building the best in access control systems to address real-world security challenges. From one door at one location to multiple doors at multiple locations, we guarantee a seamless integration to meet your business needs.
• Easily Managed from Remote Locations
• Integrated with CCTV, Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems
• Connect and Integrate Multiple Doors and Locations from a Single Platform

Access control is an essential part of a comprehensive security plan. From managing the flow of visitors to preventing employee theft or restrict access to certain rooms, Benris Security has the solution to meet your needs.

Structured Cabling and Networks

The growth of new systems and applications are pushing the need for high performance cabling structure. We are the professionals who are competent to offer structured cabling to the communication needs. We use only the state of the art architecture cabling stated by the telecommunication standards (EIA/TIA TR42 standard). Being a leader in structured cabling Kenya we have the skill to develop solutions from the designing to implementation phase.
The structured cabling involves number of patch panels and trunks that allows for hardware ports to be connected. This type of cabling enable your business to get more benefits.

• With the structured cabling the chance of downtime would be less.
• With the proper tracing of ports and cable, you can save a lot of time.
• It is easy to identify the faulty ports with this type of cabling.
• Additionally it offers a neat and structured look.

At Benris, we boast of a deep industry understanding and expertise are the key factors that signifies our prominent position in the industry. Having the better solutions means good customer satisfaction and improved productivity. Depending on your business requirement, we can customise the cabling solutions. If your business is looking for an up gradation in the telephone cabling Nairobi Kenya, choose Benris to get the best communication experience. Our structured cabling can reduce the maintenance costs, improve the data transmission rates and enhance the voice quality.

Digitisation of Records

Digitisation is the means of converting hard-copy or non-digital records into digital format. It can involve taking digital photographs of original records or scanning (imaging) records.
There are two main categories of digitisation:

• Business process digitisation programs: the ongoing routine digitisation of records for daily business use, such as digitising mail, invoices, applications, submissions etc as they are received by the organisation.
• Back-capture digitisation projects: the retrospective digitisation of existing paper records conducted for a variety of reasons, such as to streamline systems, enable the destruction of original paper records, make records more accessible or preserve old and fragile records.

This guidance provides advice for public registries on implementing sound and a well structured digitisation projects and programs for records.
The guidance promotes compliance with the general retention and disposal authority for original or source records that have been copied, the Standard on Records Management and the Standard on the Physical Storage of State records.
The guidance can also help public offices to ensure:
• the reliability and authenticity, and hence the legal admissibility and credibility of digital images
• that digital images will be accessible for as long as they are required
• that strategies are in place to create digital images fit for long-term retention
• the sound management of original paper records.


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has an important role in the world since we are now in the information age era. With ICT, Benris can can facilitate easy of doing business with the clients, suppliers and the distributors.
Digital computer and networking has changed our economy concept to the economy with no boundary in time and space because of ICT.

ICT has become an integral part of everyday life for many people. It increases its importance in people’s lives and it is expected that this trend will continue, to the extent that ICT literacy will become a functional requirement for people’s work, social, and personal lives.